Our MATES programs provide vital services associated with:

  • Adolescent mentoring

Temcare connects an adult Christian volunteer with a young person [aged between 10 & 15 years] for regular organized fortnightly activities.

Relationships between the volunteer and the adolescent are formed within a safe, caring and accepting mentoring environment. The volunteer brings his or her life experiences to the mentor/mentee relationship, and seeks to assist the young person with; general life skills, forming positive social networks, exploring constructive lifestyle options, and making positive career choices.

  • Intensive support

Temcare provides intensive support for adolescents involved in the MATES program. With the consent of the young person, Temcare will endeavor to link the adolescent into supportive church communities and professional networks, and to provide practical and emotional assistance when required.

  • Bi-monthly catch-ups

Temcare runs bi-monthly ‘catch ups’ for all the volunteers and the adolescents in the MATES program. This is an opportunity for them to support each other as a group.

  • Camp and retreats

An annual camp and occasional small retreats are organized for the adolescent and his/her mentor. These events provide opportunities for mentors and mentees to further consolidate their relationships and to explore matters of faith for those interested in doing so.


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