About Temcare

Christian Brethren Community Care Ltd, or Temcare, is a ‘not for profit’ Christian welfare agency associated with the Christian Community Churches of Victoria and Tasmania [CCCVAT]. It has been operating since approx. 1968, and provides a range of services for vulnerable families and individuals within the Victorian community, spanning both the Melbourne metropolitan area and parts of country Victoria.

Temcare’s Mission Statement declares that it is “a Bible-based Christian welfare agency committed to Jesus’ teachings and intent on reflecting His love to those in need.”

As Temcare does not receive any Government funding, it is therefore primarily reliant upon the generosity of financial donations from individuals, churches and charitable trusts that share our vision.

Temcare is a ‘Child Safe’ organization and remains committed to delivering programs within an agency context that specifically:

  • Protects the emotional, physical and sexual safety and well-being of children, young people, and adults who are under its care and responsibility.
  • Respects and promotes the cultural safety and well-being of; indigenous people, individuals from culturally and/or linguistically diverse backgrounds, and people with a disability.

Because Temcare is committed to creating a ‘Child Safe’ organization and ensuring that the ‘Child Safe’ standards are maintained, all volunteers are comprehensively assessed and are required to obtain a current ‘Working with Children Check’ and to submit to a national criminal history check.

Temcare’s services are grouped under the following program areas:

Temcare’s programs are geared towards:

  • Enhancing an individual’s emotional and social development,
  • Developing the capacity of parents to provide appropriate care for their children,
  • Improving social/emotional/educational outcomes for children and adolescents, and
  • Facilitating a person’s interest in exploring matters of Christian faith.